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Thursday 12th of November as of 10:00 CET

Stronger Australian jobs report out overnight and AUD is much higher across the board. We are looking for further upside in the AUD next 2 weeks. Key resistance is 0.7170 at the moment.

Crude held 42.50 key support yesterday, which is a huge level. Looking for a bounce today, but we need to get above 43.40 resistance pretty soon to get things moving. DOE crude inventory data out today as well at 16:30 and OPEC Monthly report at 12:45. So plenty of event risk.

The FX market seems to be pretty much a US dollar play at the moment combined with crude oil. When Euro is bid, it is bid across the board on the crosses as well and vice versa.

CHF is looking very rich and we are very bearish on the CHF going forward and would not be surprised to see it towards 1.2 vs EUR in the next 3-5 months.

ES has key support at 2062 and the 120min chart is bearish with lower highs the last few days.

NOKSEK testing key rising trendline on daily chart, looking like a long here with stop at 99.30.

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